MSG Kenya





Be a leading youth sports movement globally.


Promote youth social-economic empowerment through sports by identifying and nurturing young talents.


  • To identify, nurture and promote young talents.
  • To strengthen desirable personal social-emotional character.
  • To promote capacity building and leadership skills.
  • To promote education and implementation of life skills; HIV Aids; prevention of gender violence and environmental conservation through various activities.
  • To ensure the sustainability of a child-friendly community.


In line with our mission and overall objectives, the following is a summary of our currently running and proposed projects and implementation schedule between  2014 to 2018:

MSG Sports centre:

Our ultimate goal is to have our own sports complex with many facilities and amenities. We plan to do this in phases as the project is big and capital intensive. The first phase will be to acquire land in an appropriate neighborhood and fence it. The next will involve supply of water and electricity and putting up of basic amenities. Others will follow to include the construction of an Administration block, sports ground, pavilion, first aid centre, an amenity hall etc. The whole project is estimated to cost KES.50m and should be complete by 2018 subject to the availability of funds.

MSG Utility Truck:

The utility truck is one of our priority projects. This is because we incur a lot of logistical costs and inconveniences moving children and equipment during sports activities. Our initial goal was to acquire a big truck at a cost of KES.12m but we have scaled down to a medium one costing KES.7m as the big one may not be affordable in the foreseeable future.

MSG Education scholarships:

Most of our young members are from very poor backgrounds. Nurturing their talents is therefore not sustainable if their parents/guardians cannot maintain them in school due to lack of fees and other basic needs. We therefore devised a system of continuously identifying the needy cases and supporting them. This program requires at least KES.1m annually.

Farm project:

Most of the children are very needy and feed very poorly. In as much as we may not be in a position to feed their entire families, a farming project goes a long way to teach them farming skills Mt. Kenya being a farming area. The produce of the farm is not sold but divided among needy cases. This is an ongoing project with two farming seasons in a year costing about KES.250,000 per season. The project was funded by Fjellhammer Idrettslag from Norway for the 2012/2013 farming seasons.

Environmental conservation:

We continuously teach our members to be aware of the environment and how to conserve it through workshops for both the trainers and members.

MSG has set the first Saturday of April every year as MSG Tree Planting Day. This is because in Kenya, April is the onset of long rains. In this regard, our goal is to prepare nurseries for seedlings throughout the year and avail them for planting when it rains.

We also have planned to have what we shall call ‘MSG Brooms Day’. This will be a bi-annual activity from 2014 whereby our members shall participate in environmental clean-ups at our training centers, local public hospitals, slums and at homes.

Training of life skills:

Life skills training is usually integrated with our handball training sessions. Members are sensitized about HIV / AIDS, drugs and substance abuse, matters of Sexuality etc. Training of trainers is done through workshops.

Pandox Youth handball movement:

MSG conducts a series league from January to December every year. Currently Pandox finances the league besides catering for our office overheads and running costs. We train handball and life skills during the leagues.

The Series system has 4 categories based on age:

  • Beginners known as Teleki  (Age 10,11,12)
  • Intermediate known as Lenana  ( Age12,13,14 )
  • Advanced Known as Nelion  ( Age 14,15,,16 )
  • Youth team known as Batian  (16,17,18 )

The names are borrowed from Mt. Kenya signifying the vision of attaining the highest level of handball. Teleki is a valley preceding the peaks of Mt. Kenya. Lenana,  Nelion,  and Batian are the peaks of Mt Kenya in ascending order Batian being the highest peak.

Partille Cup Kenya Trophy:

This is held every 2nd wk of February every year. It is an activity which brings together all the youth teams in the region. It is actually the biggest international youth Handball Tournament in East and Central Africa. Partillle Cup & Pandox in Sweden have been assisting us with training courses, materials and logistical costs.

Our strategic plan for the period ending December 2018 is summarized as below.

Ongoing /

Proposed projects

 Project duration  Requirements/Activities







MSG own sports centre

Phase 12014-2015
  • Land
  • Fencing
Phase 22015-2017
  • Utilities installation-power, water, Ablution block
  • Admin Block


Phase  32016-2018
  • Sports ground
  • Library
Phase  42016-2018
  • First aid centre
  • Pavilion
  • Amenity hall
 MSG Utility Truck 2014-2015( To help in all transport & other MSG logistics)
  • Fund Raising
Youth Education scholarships Ongoing
  • Identification of needy cases/ Logistics


  Farm project Ongoing(Harvest not for sale but distributed to needy children)
  • Land lease 20 acres,
  •  Farm inputs, casual labor, Harvesting,
  •  farm management


  Environmental conservation Ongoing
  • Environmental awareness workshops for trainers & Training of the youth.
  • MSG Brooms Day-Held bi-annually, (involves town, markets, slums, local public hospitals clean-ups) Materials & Logistics.
  • MSG Tree Planting Day- At MSG centers /schools & homes. Materials & Logistics
 Life skills training Ongoing
  • Workshops & Training
  • Materials
  • Logistics
 Pandox youth Handball movement Ongoing:Series League from January to December
  • Materials: balls, Nets, etc;
  • Facilitators/Trainers; referees;
  •  Logistics
 Partille Cup-Kenya Trophy Ongoing:Every 2nd week of Feb.
  • Materials
  • Facilitators/Trainers & referees;
  •  Logistics


The above strategic plan was discussed and adopted for implementation by the MSG Board. Progress shall be monitored and evaluated by the Board quarterly.